Why Do You Need Color Correction?



Watch this episode of Editor’s Lounge with Terence Cullen of post house AlphaDogs and you’ll see why color correction is important. While Terence talks about color correction in post, the concepts are even more important for live production, where you have to get your color correct before you start your show. All the situations described in this video also apply to live production.  Take the time and effort to properly color-balance your cameras and color-match your inputs or your live show will have jarring color mismatches as you switch from source to source.

To learn more, download our white paper by Allan Tépper:

Signal Monitoring: Why and How Scopes Make the Difference

  • How to adjust your cameras properly before your shoot
  • How to use the built-in waveform and vectorscopes in TriCaster to clean up any remaining issues
  • Make your color perfectly corrected from all input sources

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