Changing Title Defaults in TriCaster


A common task in pre-production is to test a number of styles for the onscreen text and graphics. A convenience for such testing is the ability to have desired text and a logo graphic in place as you switch between style templates, and this can be accomplished with the Datalink key defaults available in TriCaster … Read more…

Teradek Network Input to TriCaster


NewTek Developer Network participant Teradek provides a free Stream Reader plugin for TriCaster which allows integration with their encoder units, including Teradek Cube. With this free plugin, TriCasters operating with Standard Edition or Advanced Edition 3-2 and earlier can receive video streams from Teradek encoders for live production. In this video tutorial, Teradek Support shows … Read more…

Dual Screen Presentation Demo with TriCaster Mini


Wallfly Live Streaming’s Grant Whitehead provides a technical demonstration of the capabilities of a TriCaster Mini for live presentation. In this video he uses TriCaster Mini to drive up to five outputs, with the two main outputs used both independently, displaying separate images, and as one, with a single image spread across both displays. Macros … Read more…

NewTek University: TriCaster Advanced Edition, 101


For years, NewTek resellers from around the globe have been making the journey to “NewTek University,” a unique and specialized place of knowledge and learning within NewTek’s San Antonio, TX headquarters. At NewTek U, resellers receive training in the latest features in NewTek products like TriCaster, 3Play, and TalkShow.  It is the fountain head of … Read more…

What You Need to Know For Live Streaming From Your Multicam Studio

Featured Image

by Allan Tépper This article will cover details you need to know to plan for live streaming, whether from a standard TriCaster or one upgraded to include the TriCaster Advanced Edition. You’ll learn everything you need to know in terms of framerates, CDN (Content Distribution Networks), multi-tier fallback Internet connections, and how to reach more … Read more…

PTZOptics Camera Integration with TriCaster


Andy Chatfield and Paul Richards of PTZ Optics provide a thorough walk-through of how to setup up and operate their robotic pan-tilt-zoom White Camera with a TriCaster 460 unit running TriCaster Advanced Edition software. The video composites the operators against the UI so you see both what to do and how the cameras move as … Read more…

Quick Tip: Encode Media Beforehand


Live production frequently requires prepping pre-recorded media clips to be played back during your show. They can come from a variety of different sources and formats.  Speaking from experience, Victor Borachuk, owner of Jupiter Returns production company, advises producers to properly transcode files themselves before playing back pre-recorded media during a live production. Fortunately, with … Read more…

Create 3D Overlay Effects in TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek trainer-in-chief Don Ballance demonstrates two of the exciting possibilities offered by Augmented Reality: Size and position a graphic overlay into a virtual set and lock it in place. Now it is part of the set itself and moves as the camera moves. Add a presenter into a set. Adjust the new parallax control and … Read more…

Update Video Titles with DataLink [TriCaster Advanced Edition]


NewTek’s master of training, Don Ballance, shares how to drive a title template using a DataLink variable, just one example of the new data-driven graphics capabilities in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

Adding Transitions in Media Player With TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek training chief Don Ballance demonstrates how easy it is to add transitions between clips, one at a time or en masse, using the new editing capabilities in the media player in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources