Create 3D Overlay Effects in TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek trainer-in-chief Don Ballance demonstrates two of the exciting possibilities offered by Augmented Reality: Size and position a graphic overlay into a virtual set and lock it in place. Now it is part of the set itself and moves as the camera moves. Add a presenter into a set. Adjust the new parallax control and … Read more…

Quick Tip: Benefits of Video Program on Campus

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Mark Fratto of Linacre Media brings fifteen years of experience in video production for the Athletic Departments at the University of Maryland and St. John’s University to bear on answering the question, “How does video production benefit the athletic programs and the university?” Another Tip from Mark Fratto:  Gaining Academic Support for Sports Video Programs … Read more…

Quick Tip from GeekBeat TV: Converting HDMI and SDI Signals


So: your studio has a big switcher loaded with SDI inputs, and for field projects you use a small portable HDMI switcher.  Every camera, computer, and mobile device you’ve got has to be able to feed either one. Never fear. Dave Curlee, video producer at GeekBeat TV, serves up the answers to your SDI/HDMI conversion … Read more…

Update Video Titles with DataLink [TriCaster Advanced Edition]


NewTek’s master of training, Don Ballance, shares how to drive a title template using a DataLink variable, just one example of the new data-driven graphics capabilities in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

Adding Transitions in Media Player With TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek training chief Don Ballance demonstrates how easy it is to add transitions between clips, one at a time or en masse, using the new editing capabilities in the media player in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

GeekBeat TV Quick Tip: Virtual Camera Control

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Did you know TriCaster can provide virtual positioning and zoom for locked-off cameras?  Video Producer Dave Curlee shares a tip on how GeekBeat TV uses this capability in the studio and on the road to make one man into a virtual crew. Learn more about Live Production and Streaming More Tips from GeekBeat TV: Increase … Read more…

Quick Tip from Geek Beat TV: Increase Engagement on Live Streams With Chat


Luria Petrucci from shares a quick tip that chatting with your audience during a live stream helps keep them engaged and interested in your productions. One of the things that keeps Geek Beat TV successful!   Extra Tips on Chat for Live Streams: Who… First, determine who will be doing the chatting from your team. … Read more…

Quick Tip From Geek Beat TV: Lavalier Microphone Basics for All Occasions

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Dave Curlee, head of production at Geek Beat TV Studios, shows the correct ways to use a lavalier microphone during a live production, whether you are outdoors or in a studio.  Tips include how to shield the mic from the wind if outdoors, accounting for whether the talent will be talking facing straight ahead or … Read more…