2-Minute Tutorial: TriCaster Advanced Edition: Intro to Media Player “Show on Program”


TriCaster Advanced Edition includes new replay functionality that boosts your TriCaster’s capabilities in sports production workflows. This video builds on two of our previous tutorials: 2-Minute Tutorial: TriCaster Advanced Edition Replay.  Watch this to see the basics of how to set up and operate the Replay functions (you’ll learn to do a quick replay from … Read more…

2-Minute Tutorial: Media Player Editing Tools


  Don takes a look at more of the editing capabilities now available in media players in TriCaster Advanced Edition.   A previous tutorial covered a number of controls to adjust clips on the tool bar at bottom of the media player, including setting in and out points (those controls are enclosed in the red … Read more…

2-Minute Tutorial: Live Video Editing Inside TriCaster Advanced Edition Media Players


In this episode, NewTek’s Master Trainer Don Ballance brings you a 2-minute tutorial featuring TriCaster Advanced Edition’s capabilities for editing inside the media players.  For this video, we will be editing inside the DDR, specifically.   First of all, you can click on any particular clip in the DDR and then scrub through that clip … Read more…

Quick Tip: Formatting Flash Drives


Victor Borachuk, owner of Jupiter Returns, shares formatting and other tips to help you get the most out of flash drives when transporting large media files. Also from Victor Borachuk: Quick Tip: Encode Media Beforehand Learn more about: Multi-Camera Production and Streaming

Quick Tip: Encode Media Beforehand


Live production frequently requires prepping pre-recorded media clips to be played back during your show. They can come from a variety of different sources and formats.  Speaking from experience, Victor Borachuk, owner of Jupiter Returns production company, advises producers to properly transcode files themselves before playing back pre-recorded media during a live production. Fortunately, with … Read more…

Adding Transitions in Media Player With TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek training chief Don Ballance demonstrates how easy it is to add transitions between clips, one at a time or en masse, using the new editing capabilities in the media player in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

Split and Change Clip Speed in Media Player [TriCaster Advanced Edition]


NewTek Training Headmaster Don Ballance demonstrates how to split clips and change the playback speed with a beautiful slow motion effect, right where you want it, with the new media player editing capabilities in TriCaster Advanced Edition.   Learn more about TriCaster Advanced Edition NewTek’s free comprehensive training: Learning Resources