TriCaster to WireCast to YouTube Live


Grant Whitehead of Wallfly Live Streaming provides a thorough treatment of the equipment and procedures he set up for the Salvation Army for a portable live production and streaming setup. Whitehead first gives a tour of the equipment used in the multi-camera and networked setup and how it is all put together and operated. He … Read more…

How to Shoot and Stream Live Interviews with TriCaster Mini and Skype


Lon Seidman’s Lon Reviews Tech Youtube Channel has over 80,000 subscribers and growing. Among his popular features are the “behind-the-scenes” videos that demonstrate how he produces quality shows as a one-person crew working both sides of the camera. In this video, he shows how he conducts live interviews, operating a TriCaster Mini for switching, graphics … Read more…

How to Connect NewTek TriCaster to Wowza Streaming Cloud


Wowza Media Systems joined the NewTek Developer Network to integrate Wowza Streaming Cloud with NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition to combine the strengths of these products. Ryan Jesperson, senior manager of Technical Product Marketing for Wowza, demonstrates quick and easy steps to set up and stream using these products. For a user already set up on … Read more…

Upload Your NewTek TriCaster Video to YouTube


Key Code Media producer/engineer Shawn Hendrix shows how, within just moments after wrapping a “behind-the-scenes” segment for a live production, the finished product can be uploaded to YouTube directly from within the TriCaster interface, with a few simple menu selections. In this case, Shawn is recording himself going about the upload process on the same … Read more…

PTZOptics: Live Drone Footage with TriCaster


Adding a live aerial shot from an outdoor performance or sporting event can really kick up the cool factor on your live stream for your viewers. Paul and Andy from PTZOptics describe how to capture live footage with a drone and bring it into TriCaster.  They note this was a “fun example of putting together … Read more…

How To Produce Multi-Camera Video With TriCaster Mini


Video production and streaming expert Jan Ozer provides a tutorial overview of the live production capabilities of the TriCaster Mini HD-4.  The bases are well covered with a video walk-through, and a detailed article with photos of the product setup and UI shots.   Keying controls and virtual sets are also covered. Read the tutorial … Read more…

Quick Tip: Simplify Audio Cabling using HD-SDI


At a major trade event, getting all the audio where it needs to go in your booth can be a headache. Jeff Hawley of Yamaha Company of America shares the way that Yamaha simplified their audio cabling issues at NAMM 2015, and that solution applies as well in other live production setups, including multiple-studio production … Read more…

Quick Tip: Promote Your Live Stream on Mobile Devices


Jeff Hawley of Yamaha Corporation of America shares a quick tip about how Yamaha uses social media to encourage mobile device users to watch the special events they live-stream during tradeshows. Learn more about Live Production and Streaming Download our white paper: Stream to Succeed  

Quick Tip from Geek Beat TV: Increase Engagement on Live Streams With Chat


Luria Petrucci from shares a quick tip that chatting with your audience during a live stream helps keep them engaged and interested in your productions. One of the things that keeps Geek Beat TV successful!   Extra Tips on Chat for Live Streams: Who… First, determine who will be doing the chatting from your team. … Read more…

Use 3Play to Time-Shift for Multi-Track Live Events


Djundi Karjadi, owner of Interindo Multimedia PT, is the Technical Director for Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, an annual event featuring dozens of the world’s top jazz artists and a lot of local talent.   He recently reported on making use of the 3Play’s ability to simultaneously record all four inputs as received, while producing and … Read more…