Workflow Study: Keep Communications In-House with MediaDS™


Stuck with a middleman to stream to yourself? Not so much… One of the conundrums with creating in-house video can be how not to take the content out-of-house to get it to your in-house audience. If your building or campus was wired for closed circuit television you have no problem. But few are, and that’s not an … Read more…

Making the Right Audio Connections for Live and Corporate Video


Whether shooting in a corporate studio or in the field at a live event, if you want to get great audio you’ll need to properly connect the right microphones to your cameras for the job, or, when you can, take live audio feed from the studio or location sound board.  Jan Ozer has done a … Read more…

Using Video to Connect with Customers


Scott Jordan’s clothing company SCOTTeVEST has made its mark creating clothing packed with pockets and wiring conduits for folks who need to manage multiple devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and more.  If you’re a tech addict, they’ve got just what you need to keep all your devices on you at all times.  Jordan finds … Read more…

Quick Tip: Promote Your Live Stream on Mobile Devices


Jeff Hawley of Yamaha Corporation of America shares a quick tip about how Yamaha uses social media to encourage mobile device users to watch the special events they live-stream during tradeshows. Learn more about Live Production and Streaming Download our white paper: Stream to Succeed  

How To Be Great on Video


At NewTek, we focus our energy on making tools that enable anyone to make professional-quality video. But there’s one key production element we can’t control or make better through better engineering. The human element. Anett Grant, president of Executive Speaking, Inc., has coached a variety of executives and public figures for more than three decades. For … Read more…

Wistia: Lighting on the Fly


Professional video hosting service Wistia follows a minimalist philosophy for video production.  Most Wistia videos are shot with DSLR cameras on locations in their offices. Other equipment is kept simple and portable as well.  In this article, Wistia video producer Chris Lavigne shows how the range of inexpensive lights they use handles a huge range of shooting … Read more…

How to Set Up a Television Studio in Five Minutes

7-9-2015 5-51-11 PM

In this jazzy timelapse video, Philip Nelson of NewTek sets up a television studio kit in 5 minutes that you can take anywhere to produce high-definition, multi-camera video with full graphics, live streaming and virtual set capabilities.  The key to the kit is the TriCaster Mini, which packs all the power of the full-size TriCasters … Read more…

Wistia: Choosing a Backdrop for Your Video


More wholesome production guidance from Wistia. Chris Lavigne hosts a video showing several types of background options to suit your production needs.  He also provides practical advice on how to ensure that your background always helps tell your story and never becomes a problem at edit time.  The accompanying article covers selecting, preparing, lighting and shooting the … Read more…

Wistia: Conversation with Sarah Green on Conducting Great Interviews


One of our favorite learning resources for video production and video marketing strategy is video hosting site Wistia.  In addition to the hosting with analytics and video marketing tools, their blogs cover everything from video production tips to branding and marketing strategies.  The crew there recently spent time with one of the best interviewers in … Read more…

Make Your Corporate Webcast Look Like Network TV with LiveText CG

Full screen show & episode ID from TWiG (This Week in Google), which is webcast live and is also available as a subscribable video podcast.

by Allan Tépper Beyond audio and video quality (which I frequently cover in other tech articles, product reviews, and white papers), one critical —yet often forgotten— detail when choosing video systems for live production is the character generator. Like a mic flag, your CG conveys both information and your brand. In fact, whenever I see … Read more…