New Guide for NewTek Customer Support Resources


NewTek has an extensive set of resources available to support our community of product users, and to help you make the most effective use of those resources, our Support Team has produced a new comprehensive guide to those resources.  The page is a one-stop shop, no matter the topic you need assistance on, no matter … Read more…

CasparCG as NDI™ Source


NewTek workflow expert Kane Peterson takes you through the steps to set up a third party CG application to connect over the network to the TriCaster via NewTek NDI™. Using open source CasparCG, Kane takes you through installing and configuring the application, then acquiring, installing and configuring the NewTek NDI applications that will make this … Read more…

Scoble’s 3 Steps to Facebook Success

10-19-2015 10-03-43 AM

Robert Scoble of Rackspace, Inc., applies his keen observations of how people use Facebook to provide 3 key tips about how to get your messages through to Facebook users more effectively. While the tip is how to promote live events for streaming and broadcast, the principles apply to any aspect of your video business that … Read more…

Quick Tip: Rehearsals in Live Sports Productions


Production crews new to live sports often just set up and do a game with no preliminaries. John Servizzi of WebStream Sports shares his experience on why the best production quality is achieved when the crew sets up early and rehearses for the game. More tips on Sports Production Learn more about Sports Production Solutions

Quick Tip: Formatting Flash Drives


Victor Borachuk, owner of Jupiter Returns, shares formatting and other tips to help you get the most out of flash drives when transporting large media files. Also from Victor Borachuk: Quick Tip: Encode Media Beforehand Learn more about: Multi-Camera Production and Streaming

Quick Tip: Encode Media Beforehand


Live production frequently requires prepping pre-recorded media clips to be played back during your show. They can come from a variety of different sources and formats.  Speaking from experience, Victor Borachuk, owner of Jupiter Returns production company, advises producers to properly transcode files themselves before playing back pre-recorded media during a live production. Fortunately, with … Read more…

Quick Tip: Benefits of Video Program on Campus

6-30-2015 12-41-08 PM

Mark Fratto of Linacre Media brings fifteen years of experience in video production for the Athletic Departments at the University of Maryland and St. John’s University to bear on answering the question, “How does video production benefit the athletic programs and the university?” Another Tip from Mark Fratto:  Gaining Academic Support for Sports Video Programs … Read more…

Quick Tip: Gaining Academic Support for Sports Video Programs

6-29-2015 12-40-49 PM_crop

Mark Fratto of Linacre Media helped build dynamic sports video programs at St. John’s University and the University of Maryland. Both schools now live-streams hundreds of games, events and shows per year (some are broadcast on ESPN3) and each enjoys broad support within their respective universities. What opportunities do sports video programs offer other departments … Read more…

Multiple IN-Point Marking Workflow for 3Play


Back in the days of editing and producing on video tape decks, one of the handy techniques available with some slow-motion video decks in combination with dedicated slow motion video deck controllers was the ability to set several marks during a play, and to be able to start a replay from any of the selected … Read more…

Export/Import Between Avid Media Composer® and NewTek 3Play™


The Ins-and-Outs of I/O Between Different Generations of Avid Media Composer® and NewTek 3Play™ By Kane Peterson Sports video production workflows often use content from many different production systems, of many different generations. For example, sequences edited on various generations of Avid Media Composer® are something frequently exported to 3Play™ systems, either in preparation for … Read more…