Tagging Replay Events with NewTek 3Play

Capture events

Quickly add information to instant replay events during your live sports production to indicate the player numbers, actions and team names. You can create your own tags and easily search for any event during the fast-paced rhythm of a live sports production. For more information on 3Play, Click Here.

What is a “Buffer”? What is a “DDR”? What is the difference?

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Important among the elements in a production system are the facilities for storing pre-made content for use at production time.  This is especially the case for live production systems.  The ability to have media of many types available immediately upon need is critical to a smooth live production experience. One such element is a software … Read more…

Quick Tip from the John Lennon Tour Bus: Creating a Split Screen in TriCaster

John Lennon Bus Split Screen

Setting up a split screen effect lets you show two camera angles at the same time in a live video production. Ryan L’Esperance shows how they do it on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus using their NewTek TriCaster. Find more information on TriCaster here.

Simple Green Screen Setups on a Budget

green screen 1

by Jeff Foster Video Producers have been coming up with creative solutions for working on tight budgets for years. Especially now, with digital video cameras that allow you to adjust and set a custom white balance, you can use a less-expensive solution—shooting your scene outdoors, using hardware-store lighting, or even building your own portable lights … Read more…

Quick Tip from the John Lennon Tour Bus: Setting up Backup Audio

John Lennon Bus Audio Backup

QuickTip on John Lennon Tour Bus: Get the audio advantage with your live productions as Ryan L’Esperace shows how he creates a backup audio feed on TriCaster productions for the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. This easy solution can help you avoid the pitfalls of losing your main audio feed during a live video shoot. … Read more…

Quick Tip from the John Lennon Tour Bus: TriCaster Clean Program Output

John Lennon Bus Clean Program Out

Check out a quick down and dirty tip from the John Lennon Tour Bus. Get both a final live video mix and the same live mix without graphics. If your live video production needs graphics but you also need to be able to change the graphics later or just have another version without graphics, then … Read more…

How to Produce Broadcast-Quality Events with the NewTek TriCaster 40


Video production and streaming expert Jan Ozer offers a comprehensive two-part tutorial on producing broadcast-quality live events with TriCaster 40.  His example project is a live webinar that includes how-to’s on: Full-screen video Picture-in-picture video Integrating PowerPoint slides from a separate computer Full-screen and lower-third graphics Disk-based videos Pre- and post-show advertising and credits Transitions … Read more…