Use 3Play to Time-Shift for Multi-Track Live Events


Djundi Karjadi, owner of Interindo Multimedia PT, is the Technical Director for Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, an annual event featuring dozens of the world’s top jazz artists and a lot of local talent.   He recently reported on making use of the 3Play’s ability to simultaneously record all four inputs as received, while producing and … Read more…

Best Practice for Live-Streamed Events: Make a Microsite


A best practice for live-streaming an event is to create a “microsite,” a single web page to host the event, that goes further than just being a “player page.” Yes, the embedded stream player from your streaming host site (uStream, YouTube Live, StreamUK or other host site) must be on this page, but the branding … Read more…

How to Create A Great-Looking Skype Video Feed

Studio Lighting

By Steve Hullfish Experts often play an important role in a live company webcast, sales or training product. They provide great content, authority and expertise that the audience perceives as valuable. But a major issue with including experts is that they are often not available to be on-location for the meeting, or flying them in … Read more…

Lighting Your Green Screen Subjects to Blend with the Intended Background

FIG 05

By Jeff Foster Are you planning your green screen shoot with an intended background in mind – like a virtual set or solid colored panel? Or are you going to create your background to match the shots you get? There is a lot of planning you need to consider before lighting your green screen production, … Read more…

Tips for a Great C-Level Presentation


by George Avgerakis: Producers planning a C-level interview might consider giving your executive the following Guide. 1. Take Time for Excellence: Your time is precious. A good video presentation is a powerful force multiplier. Many executives, faced with competing priorities, are tempted to rush through their rehearsal and recording sessions. The effort of making an … Read more…

Shared Storage Opens Doors


The once well-defined lines separating video production from post-production have blurred, creating a situation in which tools central to successful live production are being integrated with technology more often associated with the post realm. As a result, technical directors, editors, graphics specialists, replay operators and others are seeking solutions that more tightly integrate technologies to … Read more…

Slow Motion Replay Modes with NewTek 3Play

Slow Motion Replay - NewTek 3Play

With NewTek 3Play, you can replay events in slow motion during your live sports production. The normal mode allows you to set speeds from 0 to 100 percent and the special mode lets you set speeds from -200 to 200 percent. Find more information on NewTek 3Play here. In depth look at all NewTek 3Play features … Read more…

What is a “Buffer”? What is a “DDR”? What is the difference?

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Important among the elements in a production system are the facilities for storing pre-made content for use at production time.  This is especially the case for live production systems.  The ability to have media of many types available immediately upon need is critical to a smooth live production experience. One such element is a software … Read more…

Quick Tip from the John Lennon Tour Bus: Creating a Split Screen in TriCaster

John Lennon Bus Split Screen

Setting up a split screen effect lets you show two camera angles at the same time in a live video production. Ryan L’Esperance shows how they do it on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus using their NewTek TriCaster. Find more information on TriCaster here.