How to Connect NewTek TriCaster to Wowza Streaming Cloud

Wowza Media Systems joined the NewTek Developer Network to integrate Wowza Streaming Cloud with NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition to combine the strengths of these products. Ryan Jesperson, senior manager of Technical Product Marketing for Wowza, demonstrates quick and easy steps to set up and stream using these products. For a user already set up on Wowza, this takes literally less than five minutes from startup to streaming. The video also introduces viewers to the capabilities of Wowza Streaming Cloud and NewTek’s portable multi-camera integrated production system, TriCaster Mini.

In TriCaster’s streaming pulldown menu, both Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud are available selections among the many built-in options. Ryan also demonstrates is the ease with which you can save a new configuration from Wowza Streaming Cloud and import that to TriCaster, where it is added to your Streaming menu options for future use.

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