Quick Tip from GeekBeat TV: Converting HDMI and SDI Signals


So: your studio has a big switcher loaded with SDI inputs, and for field projects you use a small portable HDMI switcher.  Every camera, computer, and mobile device you’ve got has to be able to feed either one. Never fear. Dave Curlee, video producer at GeekBeat TV, serves up the answers to your SDI/HDMI conversion … Read more…

How to Set Up a Television Studio in Five Minutes

7-9-2015 5-51-11 PM

In this jazzy timelapse video, Philip Nelson of NewTek sets up a television studio kit in 5 minutes that you can take anywhere to produce high-definition, multi-camera video with full graphics, live streaming and virtual set capabilities.  The key to the kit is the TriCaster Mini, which packs all the power of the full-size TriCasters … Read more…

Update Video Titles with DataLink [TriCaster Advanced Edition]


NewTek’s master of training, Don Ballance, shares how to drive a title template using a DataLink variable, just one example of the new data-driven graphics capabilities in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

Adding Transitions in Media Player With TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek training chief Don Ballance demonstrates how easy it is to add transitions between clips, one at a time or en masse, using the new editing capabilities in the media player in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

Basic Green Screen Lighting Techniques


by Jeff Foster The most important aspect of shooting any type of green or blue screen project is the appropriate lighting. If the subject isn’t lit correctly or the green screen is too dark, too bright, or uneven, chances are you’ll have problems pulling a good matte. I will share with you several methods for … Read more…

Split and Change Clip Speed in Media Player [TriCaster Advanced Edition]


NewTek Training Headmaster Don Ballance demonstrates how to split clips and change the playback speed with a beautiful slow motion effect, right where you want it, with the new media player editing capabilities in TriCaster Advanced Edition.   Learn more about TriCaster Advanced Edition NewTek’s free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

GeekBeat TV Quick Tip: Virtual Camera Control

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.56.32 AM

Did you know TriCaster can provide virtual positioning and zoom for locked-off cameras?  Video Producer Dave Curlee shares a tip on how GeekBeat TV uses this capability in the studio and on the road to make one man into a virtual crew. Learn more about Live Production and Streaming More Tips from GeekBeat TV: Increase … Read more…

Wistia: Choosing a Backdrop for Your Video


More wholesome production guidance from Wistia. Chris Lavigne hosts a video showing several types of background options to suit your production needs.  He also provides practical advice on how to ensure that your background always helps tell your story and never becomes a problem at edit time.  The accompanying article covers selecting, preparing, lighting and shooting the … Read more…

Use 3Play to Time-Shift for Multi-Track Live Events


Djundi Karjadi, owner of Interindo Multimedia PT, is the Technical Director for Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, an annual event featuring dozens of the world’s top jazz artists and a lot of local talent.   He recently reported on making use of the 3Play’s ability to simultaneously record all four inputs as received, while producing and … Read more…

How to Produce Broadcast-Quality Events with the NewTek TriCaster 40


Video production and streaming expert Jan Ozer offers a comprehensive two-part tutorial on producing broadcast-quality live events with TriCaster 40.  His example project is a live webinar that includes how-to’s on: Full-screen video Picture-in-picture video Integrating PowerPoint slides from a separate computer Full-screen and lower-third graphics Disk-based videos Pre- and post-show advertising and credits Transitions … Read more…