Teradek Network Input to TriCaster


NewTek Developer Network participant Teradek provides a free Stream Reader plugin for TriCaster which allows integration with their encoder units, including Teradek Cube. With this free plugin, TriCasters operating with Standard Edition or Advanced Edition 3-2 and earlier can receive video streams from Teradek encoders for live production. In this video tutorial, Teradek Support shows … Read more…

CasparCG as NDI™ Source


NewTek workflow expert Kane Peterson takes you through the steps to set up a third party CG application to connect over the network to the TriCaster via NewTek NDI™. Using open source CasparCG, Kane takes you through installing and configuring the application, then acquiring, installing and configuring the NewTek NDI applications that will make this … Read more…

NewTek University: TriCaster Advanced Edition, 101


For years, NewTek resellers from around the globe have been making the journey to “NewTek University,” a unique and specialized place of knowledge and learning within NewTek’s San Antonio, TX headquarters. At NewTek U, resellers receive training in the latest features in NewTek products like TriCaster, 3Play, and TalkShow.  It is the fountain head of … Read more…

Multiplying TriCaster Inputs With Maevex


By Ned Soseman Some TriCaster owners have found that an external digital A/V routing switcher, such as the Bright Eye NXT410, is an simple tool to expand physical input limitations. The NXT 410 has 4 SDI inputs, 4 HDMI inputs and outputs SDI or HDMI, all assignable. A/V routers are not the only way to … Read more…

PTZOptics: Live Drone Footage with TriCaster


Adding a live aerial shot from an outdoor performance or sporting event can really kick up the cool factor on your live stream for your viewers. Paul and Andy from PTZOptics describe how to capture live footage with a drone and bring it into TriCaster.  They note this was a “fun example of putting together … Read more…

Create 3D Overlay Effects in TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek trainer-in-chief Don Ballance demonstrates two of the exciting possibilities offered by Augmented Reality: Size and position a graphic overlay into a virtual set and lock it in place. Now it is part of the set itself and moves as the camera moves. Add a presenter into a set. Adjust the new parallax control and … Read more…

Update Video Titles with DataLink [TriCaster Advanced Edition]


NewTek’s master of training, Don Ballance, shares how to drive a title template using a DataLink variable, just one example of the new data-driven graphics capabilities in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

Adding Transitions in Media Player With TriCaster Advanced Edition


NewTek training chief Don Ballance demonstrates how easy it is to add transitions between clips, one at a time or en masse, using the new editing capabilities in the media player in TriCaster Advanced Edition. Learn more: TriCaster Advanced Edition Free comprehensive training: Learning Resources

Split and Change Clip Speed in Media Player [TriCaster Advanced Edition]


NewTek Training Headmaster Don Ballance demonstrates how to split clips and change the playback speed with a beautiful slow motion effect, right where you want it, with the new media player editing capabilities in TriCaster Advanced Edition.   Learn more about TriCaster Advanced Edition NewTek’s free comprehensive training: Learning Resources