NewTek University: TriCaster Advanced Edition, 101


For years, NewTek resellers from around the globe have been making the journey to “NewTek University,” a unique and specialized place of knowledge and learning within NewTek’s San Antonio, TX headquarters. At NewTek U, resellers receive training in the latest features in NewTek products like TriCaster, 3Play, and TalkShow.  It is the fountain head of … Read more…

Streaming Content Delivery Networks – What You Need To Know


By George Avgerakis The most important part of producing a streaming video is what professionals call, “the last mile.” If conception, planning, production and editing are the first 200 miles of your road to success, the “last mile” is how you stream your program to your viewers – live. The more you know about the … Read more…

Best Practices For Archiving Content: Quick Tip from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show


Robb Chickering, vice president of operation at Yea Networks, producers of the The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, shares his advice on the importance of archiving all your content, and one approach to take using today’s storage technology. Despite the loss of its legendary namesake more than two years ago, the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show continues … Read more…

Scoble’s 3 Steps to Facebook Success

10-19-2015 10-03-43 AM

Robert Scoble of Rackspace, Inc., applies his keen observations of how people use Facebook to provide 3 key tips about how to get your messages through to Facebook users more effectively. While the tip is how to promote live events for streaming and broadcast, the principles apply to any aspect of your video business that … Read more…

Quick Tip: Promote Your Live Stream on Mobile Devices


Jeff Hawley of Yamaha Corporation of America shares a quick tip about how Yamaha uses social media to encourage mobile device users to watch the special events they live-stream during tradeshows. Learn more about Live Production and Streaming Download our white paper: Stream to Succeed  

How To Design Your Audio Setup for TriCaster Mini, Part III


by Allan Tépper In this final part of our three-part series about designing your audio set up for TriCaster Mini, we’ll look into taking live phone calls, sidetone (what it is and how to get rid of it), mix-minus, screening calls as well as information relating to these topics.  TriCaster Mini is a powerhouse production … Read more…

How To Design Your Audio Setup for TriCaster Mini, Part II


by Allan Tépper Welcome to Part II of this three-part series on designing your audio setup for TriCaster Mini, the powerhouse production system in a box that you can connect to virtually any set of HDMI cameras for live webcasting and/or live-to-disk recording. In this three-part series, I cover: Part I: The acoustic environment, types … Read more…

How To Design Your Audio Setup for TriCaster Mini, Part I


by Allan Tépper Perhaps you own—or are strongly considering getting—a TriCaster Mini. Either way, you know that TriCaster Mini is a powerhouse production system in a box, and that you can connect it to virtually any set of HDMI cameras for live webcasting and/or live-to-disk recording. However, it may not be so obvious how to … Read more…

Incorporating Your Green Screen Talent into Virtual Sets

FIG 01

by Jeff Foster Virtual sets are digitally created scenes into which you can composite green screen subjects. In most cases, they’re computer-generated 3D studios, such as you see on the evening news and special programming on CNN, Fox News, 60 Minutes and COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey or in the many various sports programs on network … Read more…

Monetizing Tip: Engage Multiple Audiences with your Live Event

Nik Wallenda's walk over the Grand Canyon in The SkyWire Live Event drew over 13 million viewers for Discovery Channel, one of their largest audiences ever.

Monetizing Tip: Some events lend themselves well to engaging multiple audiences. You can target these audiences during the live presentation with differently branded streams, perhaps even in multiple languages. In this case, if you use microsites to present your live events, you would make as many microsites as you have target audiences, each with different … Read more…